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Range Rovers are one of the most prestigious SUVs on the market.  Not only do they outperform all other SUVs, they also provide an exemplary amount of comfort and luxury.  With these features comes a suggested maintenance schedule to keep your Range Rover functioning at its best.

Environmental elements can take a toll on your Range Rover’s performance. In this case, keeping all parts in proper functioning order is mandatory.  As a result, sticking to the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule is extremely important. Pay attention to the check engine indicator – this is vital in keeping up with your Range Rover’s needs.

In the South, heat extremes cause engine parts to expand and contract, which can hinder your Range Rover from functioning properly. Our Range Rover Maintenance crew knows exactly what components need attention in order to combat local elements and keep your vehicle running with ease.

Whether your vehicle requires a little or major maintenance, our Range Rover Maintenance technicians can tackle any and all maintenance tasks.  Their Range Rover knowledge goes beyond experience with a distinct desire to provide the best customer service around. Bear Valley Service LLC strives to provide an affordable estimate for the maintenance of your Range Rover. As our Range Rover Maintenance technicians perform the scheduled intensive maintenance schedule, they make sure to inform you of any extra care your vehicle needs.

On top of experienced and amazing customer service, Bear Valley Service LLC offers a variety of options to suit all budgets including genuine Range Rover and other manufacturer parts to ensure your vehicle’s safety and durability.


Below are a number of common maintenance services offered at Bear Valley Service LLC:

  • Transmission check
  • Rear axle leak check
  • Flexible boot check
  • Fuel tank, line and connections check
  • Power steering check
  • And much much more

You can’t go wrong with Bear Valley Service LLC’s excellent customer service and experienced Range Rover maintenance technicians. Call us today at (770) 696-6726 to schedule an appointment today!

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