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In order to get the most of your Land Rover ownership experience, your vehicle must stick to the manufacturer recommended service interval schedule. Fortunately for you, your Land Rover is equipped with a service interval indicator located on the dash. Paying attention to this indicator is crucial in order to ensure that your Land Rover continues to function at the most optimum level of performance, safety, durability and reliability.

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Bear Valley Service LLC is a complete service facility. Our commitment to exceed the expectations you have in servicing your Land Rover will ensure you have the best service experience anywhere.

An interesting fact about the oil Land Rovers use, they can only function under a special synthetic oil that is only carried by an authorized retailer. Other dealerships understand you can’t go anywhere else for an oil change. As a result, they increase the price by $30 to $45. While going to an oil change shop seems like a great idea, in the process of changing your oil, their inexperience could cause potential damage to your Land Rover. On top of that, their selection of oil is not compatible with what’s recommended by the Land Rover manufacturer, which will affect performance and longevity of your engine

While the Land Rover models differ in service schedules, it is important to remain consistent with service practices. Typically, LR4s and LR2s first service is performed at no charge in the first 6 to 12 months worth of ownership. It is important not to disregard all other services afterwards.

The service technicians at Bear Valley Service LLC have years of experience on top of numerous automobile technician certification certificates, making them the MOST qualified and trustworthy staff this side of the Atlantic. No matter the make or the model, classic or contemporary, they’ve serviced any and all Land Rovers out there. Major or minor servicing

As a result, there is not a problem they haven’t seen. With the latest diagnostic tools, our service mechanics and technicians can quickly identify any major or minor service problem areas while your Land Rover is in the shop for servicing. If there’s a need for part replacement, we are fully stocked with original and other manufacturer parts to fit any budget and fix the issue without delay.

Don’t delay on your service schedule. Call today to make an appointment. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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