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Proper maintenance of your Land Rover is an area we pride ourselves in performing. Our staff of maintenance technicians are among the finest in the land. Their passion for Land Rovers carries over in the maintenance tasks they perform on your vehicle.

Whether you drive your Land Rover occasionally or every day, it experiences a number of harmful elements. Anything from the heat to the terrain are damaging factors that can be addressed through proper maintenance.

While other Land Rover dealerships may carry state-of-the-art devices to perform system checks, they place high price tags on their services, making it very cost-prohibitive to stay on a proper maintenance schedule. At Bear Valley Service LLC, we work within your price range as well as your schedule to make sure your Land Rover receives all the attention it needs to perform at its peak level.

With our extensive stock of genuine Land Rover parts and parts from other manufacturers, you can be sure that if a part can’t be repaired, it can be replaced in no time.

Whether you own one of the newest Land Rovers or one of the first, our Land Rover Maintenance technicians know exactly what your vehicle needs to continue running as if it came right off the assembly line. There’s nothing we haven’t seen that we cannot fix.

Call us today! There’s no doubt your Land Rover is in great hands with the Land Rover maintenance technicians and mechanics on hand at Bear Valley Service LLC.

Below are a number of common maintenance services offered at Bear Valley Service LLC:

• Transmission check
• Rear axle leak check
• Flexible boot check
• Fuel tank, line and connections check
• Power steering check

The expertise and excellent customer service we offer makes Bear Valley Service LLC an obvious choice for all your Land Rover maintenance. For the best deal, don’t go to other dealerships or independent shops – drive on over to Bear Valley today!

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